7 Year Old Waupaca Girl Auditions for The Disney Channel

Hailey Sych is just an ordinary second grader at Chain ‘O Lakes Elementary School in Waupaca where she is an exceptional student who strives to do her best at everything she does.

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Hailey Sych is just an ordinary second grader at Chain ‘O Lakes Elementary School in Waupaca where she is an exceptional student who strives to do her best at everything she does.

Ever since Hailey was three years old she has had a dream of making it to Hollywood someday. In November she was able to take the first step toward fulfilling that dream.

Hailey and her mom were driving down the road when they heard that JR Powers School of Acting and Modeling was going to be holding auditions for the Disney Channel at Westwood Conference Center in Wausau on Saturday, November 12, 2011. She begged her mom to call.

By calling, a spot was reserved for Hailey to audition in the 9am session on Saturday morning. Little did they know that there would be about 400 other interested performers between the ages of 4 and 24 in Wausau that day and of the 400, only 20 of them would get a phone call that evening to come back on Sunday for round two. Once there, they had paper work to fill out and Hailey was handed a three line commercial that she would have to read in front of the judges.

That evening Hailey and her parents eagerly waited for a phone call. The phone rang about 5:30 saying she had made it! Hailey was so excited and so were her parents.

On Sunday, the field of 20 performers would be narrowed down to 10. Hailey had to meet with a different set of judges and had to read the commercial she was given on Saturday. This time, they knew before they went home that she had made it to the next step. She also got to meet Dan Benson, who plays Zeke on the Wizards of Waverly Place. He flew in to tell of his experience and how he got started.

The next five weeks proved to be very busy. Hailey had a photo shoot done and had to attend five 1 1/2 hour long acting classes in Wausau. These classes were conducted by coaches and choreographers that were flown in from California. She had to learn a 60 second comic monologue and a 30 second commercial that she would have to perform on Saturday, December 17 at her final showcase and iPOP! Audition. H

ailey did an excellent job that day and was accepted to attend the iPOP! Convention that is held twice a year in Los Angeles. What is iPOP!? iPOP! brings trained performers and models together to perform in front of the leading choreographers and show producers in the industry. It helps them develop networking skills that will benefit them in the future. She will also be marketed by JR Powers School of Acting and Modeling.

Hailey is no stranger to being in the spot light. At the age of 11/2 she was the flower girl in two different weddings. At the age of three she was the crown bearer for the junior prom for Weyauwega-Fremont High School. At the age of four she was flower girl for her Uncle Bryan’s wedding and at the age of six she was named “Little Miss Fire on Ice” for the Fire on Ice Snowmobile Races that are held in Weyauwega every February.

Competing in this audition has been a very exciting and special experience for Hailey. Now she and her parents are looking at the iPOP! Convention to see what it involves.

Hailey is the daughter of Nick and Michelle Sych of Waupaca and the granddaughter of Nick and Julie Sych of Waupaca and Mark and Julie Fischer of Weyauwega.

Good luck Hailey in fulfilling your dream!!